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Some Talk, Some Do

Posted by Rosaline Cordova: August 7, 2011

This summer has been so much fun as a scribe in the Toledo Hospital ER! There are sooo many wonderful staff members, but two incredible gentlemen come to mind… Dr. Rob Wood and Moe Jallad, NP.

Dr. Rob Wood is one of my favorite physicians to work with because he is intelligent, cares about the patients, and is very efficient in the ED. Dr. Rob graduated from OSU with his PharmD and was first a pharmacist before an MD, he graduated from UTMC (then MUO). He is a very hard worker and great teacher, every time we work together I learn so much. This summer Dr. Rob made bracelets that say “some talk, some do.” Dr. Rob and Moe exhibit this philosophy so well, they are some of the hardest workers I know.

Moe’s story is shows how true dedication and hardwork can get you far. Moe graduated from Bethlehem Univeristy with BSN in nursing with honors in 1998. He worked in the ER in Palestine in a level one trauma center for 2 years. Moe moved to the US in 2000, where he had to work as an NA in the ER because he had to take his Ohio board exam for foriegner nurses. He passed the board and in few years progressed to an ER nurse, then ER charge nurse. Moe joined the first rapid response team at TTH while he was going to NP school part time, he kept his full time job and was also a part time clinical associate at Owens at the same time! Then he was hired by  Emergency Physicians of Northwest Ohio, there were only 2 NPs at that time . Moe changed the whole impression about the midlevel, creating new exprectations and setting the bar high for all midlevels. EPNO was so satisfied and stunned with his hard work that he was assigned to be the lead midlevel provider. He then hired and trained more midlevels, and now EPNO has 12 midlevels, Moe trained them all.

Needless to say, Dr. Rob and Moe exemplify the hard work that the healthcare providers give at the Toledo Hospital and I have to say that I am so honored and lucky to have the privilege to work with them. They truly are great men who inspire me in my journey to becoming a healthcare provider myself. Some people talk about getting things done, and others actually DO IT!

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