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UT Student Designs Costumes for “King Oedipus”

Lynnette Bates, student costume designer for Oedipus

Lynnette Bates

When the UT Department of Theatre & Film production of Sophocles Greek tragedy, “King Oedipus,” opens next month, the cast will be wearing costumes designed by fellow student, Lynnette Bates. Lynnette is a senior pursuing a dual major in Theatre and Japanese language. She has served as an assistant designer on a previous production, “Labyrinth” (Fall 2010), but this is her first production as the lead designer.

“This is the first time my designs are being taken off the page and made into reality,” she says. Mentoring the process of transforming her designs into fabric is Daniel Thobias, the department’s costume design faculty, and Kaye Pope, the department’s costume shop manager.

Lynnette says she greatly appreciated Daniel’s insight. “He is really creative and has lots of useful ideas for how to bring some of the odder aspects of my designs to life. He has challenged me to always think about the big questions, like, ‘what do you want to say about this character with this article of clothing?’ and ‘remember that this costume is going on stage, so how are the lights and distance from the audience going to affect how it looks?’”

Daniel Thobias has equal praise for Lynnette. “Lynette is a great young designer, (read more)