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Seeking: Accreditation and Assessment Manager

The University of Toledo is hiring an Accreditation and Assessment Manager for the Judith Herb College of Education.

The Accreditation and Assessment Manger plays an important role in the College. General summary:

Oversee all aspect of accreditation and assessment reporting as follows:

  • Ensure that the College is in compliance with state and national requirements for initial and advance licensure programs.
  • Complete annual college accreditation reports.
  • Provides student and program data summaries to support faculty and administration in preparing reports.
  • Ensure the ongoing collection and management of assessment and accreditation data including, but not limited to: student surveys, field evaluations, cooperating teacher and administrator feedback, and supervisor feedback.
  • Provide leadership with University administrators, faculty, and staff regarding assessment and accreditation issues on an ongoing basis.
  • Liaise with state, national, and professional point persons regarding emerging issues


The position is posted at this link:



This could be a great opportunity!  Apply now and join our team!

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