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INCREASING EQUITY AND ACCESS – professional education admissions

INCREASING EQUITY AND ACCESS – changing professional education admissions criteria


There is a growing skepticism about standardized test scores. Concerns about bias, reliability, and objectiveness have some researcher questioning if standardized test scores should be used in high-stakes situations.

The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CEAP), the national accrediting body for the Judith Herb College of Education, has approved a revised set of standards: the 2022 CAEP Initial Level Standards


One important change with the revised standards is that colleges of education are no longer required to monitor standardized test scores in reading, writing, and mathematic skills for future educators.  This change is a direct result of CAEP’s action to create more socially just and equitable practices.  Standardized tests have presented barriers to candidates from underrepresented minorities and low socioeconomic backgrounds.  Hence, standardized test scores are no longer required for institutions to be accredited.


In turn, the JHCOE has adjusted our requirements for admission to professional education to align with the 2022 CAEP Standards.  We have removed the testing requirement, effective immediately.  The college’s requirements for admission to professional education can be found at this link:  https://www.utoledo.edu/education/studentservices/praxis-information.html

* photo credit – Franziska Barczyk for NPR

This change will afford a more diverse group of students the opportunity to enter professional education-level and matriculate to graduation. #RocketEducator


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