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A Testimonial From An American Sign Language Student

The following is an excerpt from a student email to their instructor, who thought we should share this with the college:

I had you for ASL 1 and 2. I hope you remember me. Over the summer I was doing a internship in New York City for photography. One day while I was on the train on my way into the city a lady was sitting there and the conductor came and was collecting tickets. When he was asking her for her ticket she looked at him and was very confused and then she started to move her hands. When I looked over I realized that she was deaf and signing to him. She was very confused and didn’t know what he was saying. She couldn’t read lips. I wanted to help her but i was very nervous because I had never talked to a real deaf person, but your voice popped into my head and I did it. I signed to her and told her that the man was asking her for her ticket. The symbols that I couldn’t remember I just fingered spell. She was so happy and overjoyed that I knew ASL. After that she asked me a million questions like where am I from?, who taught me ASL, etc. Then she was lost on where she needed to get off and a street that she was going. I was able to give her directions and help her get to where she was going all by signing because she couldn’t read lips( well she barely could). I felt so accomplished since I struggled a lot in your class.

Thank you for being a great teacher. I am currently taking ASL 3 from Katie Rosales. Hope you have a good year.



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