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It is a long-standing phenomenon that education majors spend their years in college looking forward to student teaching.  During that culminating semester, teacher candidates truly transform from “student” to “educator”. Through the mentorship of their cooperating teacher, student teachers take over the duties of planning and instructing.  Student teachers revel in going to work each morning as they take on the role of “teacher” in their placement classrooms, and becoming a “colleague” with faculty in the building.

Spring 2020 Student Teachers
(pictured January 2020)

And so, that was the dream and expectations for the 115 UToledo student teachers who began their experiences in January 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced an abrupt end to the physical school year for PK-12 learners.  Teachers across Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan pivoted to provide virtual classrooms and home learning, and likewise, the role of our UToledo student teachers required a new transformation…. reinvented student teaching experience in a remote environment.


Specifically, UToledo student teachers have changed to remote teaching by preforming the following:

  • Participating in zoom instruction
  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Directing virtual oral math practice sessions
  • Planning online instruction
  • Interfacing through Google classroom
  • Producing a Facebook page to communicate with parents
  • Recording video read alouds
  • Conducting video parent conferences


As you can imaging, the integration of technology into the teaching and learning experiences has been priority of our student teachers.  One cooperating teacher, Joe Ziebold from Genoa Area Schools, stated “Damian [the student teacher] is posting his lessons on Google Class and responding to his students’ comments. I believe this is a great experience for Damian to be able to teach and respond using technology. He is getting best of both worlds- taught in a classroom environment and is currently teaching out of the classroom.”

The College is proud of the work and dedication of the class of 2020.  Their flexibility in this time of crisis has demonstrated sterling dispositions and professional characteristics.  As our student teachers launch their careers, we trust they are ready to face all demands of the field and can continue to provide high quality instruction to their students.   Best wishes class of 2020!


Kappa Delta Pi Initiation 2020


Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is pleased to announce that 24 students were inducted virtually into the Zeta Epsilon Chapter of the society at the University of Toledo.

Because of the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to hold an in-person gathering to induct and celebrate the academic achievements of the twenty-four University of Toledo students joining Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society. As a result, this year’s inductees into the Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society completed a virtual induction ceremony.

In this ceremony, inductees watched a Kappa Delta Pi national headquarters video and completed an online quiz, provided by the Zeta Epsilon chapter, agreeing to uphold the Kappa Delta Pi ideals. Having completed their virtual induction requirements, inductees listed in this program are officially granted membership into the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society.

The Society inducts only those individuals who have exhibited the ideals of scholarship, integrity in service, and commitment to excellence in teaching and its allied professions. Selection as a member of Kappa Delta Pi is based on high academic achievement, a commitment to education as a career, and a professional attitude that assures steady growth in the profession.

Spring 2020 KDP Inductees

Brittany E. Abraham Katherine McGowan Teresa M. Green Christina N. Shrigley
Abigail Barshel Dawn M. Merritt Victoria Lynne Hagmeyer Morgan R. Skaggs
Lenna J. Black Brittany Oswald Grant Heil Rebecca Kay Stanwick
Natalie Brown Stephanie L. Parsons Tracey L. Hoff Claribel Timmins
Rylee R. Dean Hannah R. Post Kylie Jordan Kiss Hannah Elizabeth Walters
Jannet Frias Kellie Schreiber Allison A. Lorenzen Meg C. Weiler


About Kappa Delta Pi
Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is a 501 (c) (3) organization established in 1911 to recognize and promote excellence in education, provide a reasoned voice for significant issues, and link learning communities of educators. Through its programs, services, and strategic partnerships, KDP supports the professional growth and teaching practices of educators throughout all phases and levels of their careers. The organization currently has more than 600 chapters and an active membership of nearly 40,000 worldwide.


Herb Scholars – 2020 Award Winners

Herb Scholars – 2020 Award Winners

Four dynamic high school seniors have been identified for the 2020 Herb Scholar award. This most prestigious scholarship, awarded by the College, honors Judith Herb and her family. The scholarship is valued at full-time, in-state undergraduate tuition and general fees, room and board for up to eight semesters of enrollment. The projected value of this scholarship is $82,000.

Congratulation to the following future educators:

  • Ryli Harden, Saline High School (MI), majoring in early childhood education
  • Lainey Hilliard, Whiteford High School (MI), majoring in early childhood education
  • Jenna Pittman, Dundee High School (MI), majoring in early childhood education
  • Dylan Smith, Toledo School for the Arts (OH), majoring in visual arts education

pic of four students

This cohort of scholars represents the tenth group of students to be awarded this prominent scholarship.  Recipients are selected based on academic excellence, community engagement, and a successful interview with the selection committee.

We look forward to having these scholars join our 2020 freshman class!

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