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YWCA of Northwest Ohio Offering a Variety of Social Justice Webinars

Please join us on Friday, October 28th from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM.for a highly important Lunch & Learn Webinar. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the October Lunch & Learn will focus on gun violence as it relates to domestic violence and the intersection of race. The presenters are Rachael Gardner, Director of DVS/RCC at the YWCA, and Marie York, Policy Director for the Ohio Domestic Violence Network.

The Lunch & Learn Webinars focus on health equity and the disparities that exist for people of color and marginalized populations, and they provide the community with information and resources to help.Thank you to our partners Healthy Lucas County and Fostering Healthy Communities,

Registration: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_iPJfxx4rRo-xoVu4uTwhIw



This book illuminates the myriad dire consequences of “living while Black.”  Winters describes how in every aspect of life–from economics to education, work, criminal justice, and, very importantly, health outcomes–for the most part, the trajectory for Black people is not improving.

Black people are quite literally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Winters writes that “my hope for this book is that it will provide a comprehensive summary of the consequences of Black fatigue, and awaken activism in those who care about equity and justice–those who care that intergenerational fatigue is tearing at the very core of a whole race of people who are simply asking for what they deserve.

The book is a fairly short read (256 pages/5 hours for the audiobook) and is available in all formats at the Toledo Lucas County Library. and on the Hoopla App.

Implicit Bias
This two-hour training introduces the basics of understanding bias:

  • Realizing that all humans possess implicit biases
  • Recognizing how our unconscious, unintentional biases can harm others
  • Learning how implicit bias can lead to discrimination, institutional racism, and systemic racism
  • Exploring strategies to recognize our own implicit biases and prevent manifesting bias in our personal and professional lives

Racial Justice 101
This two-hour training introduces the basics of understanding racism.

  • Understanding the four forms of racism
  • Learning how systemic racism affects racialized groups in all aspects of life including education, health, employment, housing, and environment
  • Exploring strategies to practice anti-racism and allyship

How to Talk to Children About Race
This one-hour training provides adults with tools to help children understand racism and inequity.

  • Learn how children understand differences at a very young age
  • Explore age-appropriate ways to talk about and teach empathy and racial equity
  • Learn about the consequences of not talking to children about race

If you are interested in training for your organization, please contact the Racial Justice Director about training options at: acollins@ywcanwo.org.

Dialogue to Change is a community enrichment program that seeks to create communal programming that efficiently advocates, while simultaneously championing and supporting Whole-Community empowerment and change. Dialogue to Change employs “face-to-face” facilitated conversation between members of two or more social identity groups, in an effort to positively inform, and wholeheartedly impact all groups about amicable cultural etiquette. With a focus on racial communicative etiquette, Dialogue groups give the participants a brave space and freedom to discuss race and cultural differences, and to shed light on their own implicit biases

Dialogue to Change aims to create opportunities for people to come together to listen respectfully to one another, look at different sides of an issue, explore common concerns, come up with practical ways to address racism, and take action.

Learn More:  https://www.ywcanwo.org/what-were-doing/racial-justice/ywca-dialogue-to-change/


Between federal, state, and local elections, there are nearly 7,000 seats up for grabs across the country in this year’s Midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  These elections will set the tone of the nation for years to come.

The YWCA of Northwest Ohio is committed to educating and registering voters to increase voter turnout and civic participation. With your help, we can build political power in our communities and make sure all eligible voters get to the polls. It’s simple; when women vote, we are heard.

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