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Kappa Delta Pi Initiation 2020


Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is pleased to announce that 24 students were inducted virtually into the Zeta Epsilon Chapter of the society at the University of Toledo.

Because of the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to hold an in-person gathering to induct and celebrate the academic achievements of the twenty-four University of Toledo students joining Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society. As a result, this year’s inductees into the Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society completed a virtual induction ceremony.

In this ceremony, inductees watched a Kappa Delta Pi national headquarters video and completed an online quiz, provided by the Zeta Epsilon chapter, agreeing to uphold the Kappa Delta Pi ideals. Having completed their virtual induction requirements, inductees listed in this program are officially granted membership into the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society.

The Society inducts only those individuals who have exhibited the ideals of scholarship, integrity in service, and commitment to excellence in teaching and its allied professions. Selection as a member of Kappa Delta Pi is based on high academic achievement, a commitment to education as a career, and a professional attitude that assures steady growth in the profession.

Spring 2020 KDP Inductees

Brittany E. Abraham Katherine McGowan Teresa M. Green Christina N. Shrigley
Abigail Barshel Dawn M. Merritt Victoria Lynne Hagmeyer Morgan R. Skaggs
Lenna J. Black Brittany Oswald Grant Heil Rebecca Kay Stanwick
Natalie Brown Stephanie L. Parsons Tracey L. Hoff Claribel Timmins
Rylee R. Dean Hannah R. Post Kylie Jordan Kiss Hannah Elizabeth Walters
Jannet Frias Kellie Schreiber Allison A. Lorenzen Meg C. Weiler


About Kappa Delta Pi
Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is a 501 (c) (3) organization established in 1911 to recognize and promote excellence in education, provide a reasoned voice for significant issues, and link learning communities of educators. Through its programs, services, and strategic partnerships, KDP supports the professional growth and teaching practices of educators throughout all phases and levels of their careers. The organization currently has more than 600 chapters and an active membership of nearly 40,000 worldwide.


Herb Scholars – 2020 Award Winners

Herb Scholars – 2020 Award Winners

Four dynamic high school seniors have been identified for the 2020 Herb Scholar award. This most prestigious scholarship, awarded by the College, honors Judith Herb and her family. The scholarship is valued at full-time, in-state undergraduate tuition and general fees, room and board for up to eight semesters of enrollment. The projected value of this scholarship is $82,000.

Congratulation to the following future educators:

  • Ryli Harden, Saline High School (MI), majoring in early childhood education
  • Lainey Hilliard, Whiteford High School (MI), majoring in early childhood education
  • Jenna Pittman, Dundee High School (MI), majoring in early childhood education
  • Dylan Smith, Toledo School for the Arts (OH), majoring in visual arts education

pic of four students

This cohort of scholars represents the tenth group of students to be awarded this prominent scholarship.  Recipients are selected based on academic excellence, community engagement, and a successful interview with the selection committee.

We look forward to having these scholars join our 2020 freshman class!

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Early Research Career Award: Dr. Kate Delaney

The Early Education/Child Development Special Interest Group of the American Education Research Association (AERA) has announced that Dr. Kate Delaney is the recipient of the 2020 Early Research Career Award.  

She was unanimously selected by the committee after a review of her articles, CV, and nomination letters.  Mary Jane Morgan, the award chair, acknowledged Delaney’s attention to politics and practice that have influenced the high quality of her methodological approach, lenses used, and rigorous investigations. Specifically, the committee identified Delaney’s innovative peer-reviewed publications, the impact of these publications in the ECE field, and a practical aspect of her work. The award will be presented at AERA’s annual meeting in April.









Dr. Kate Delany joined the faculty at UToledo in 2015, as an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. She has earned degrees from Columbia University (AB), and the University of Wisconsin (MS & PhD). Congratulations, Kate!

Brady Partnership Schools – focus on urban education

In 2018, the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program launched the Brady Partnership Schools (BPS) initiative. In May 2020, the program will be graduating its first 3 students! The BPS initiative is an option for students majoring in Early Childhood Education to select as a specialty track with a focus on urban education. Entry into the BPS initiative is competitive and only up to 4 students are selected each semester. UToledo students are placed in BPS partnership schools (East Broadway, Marshall, and Sherman Elementary) as well as partnering Head Start classrooms in order to explore urban education across four practicum semesters.

A key feature of the program is the experience students gain from volunteering in a Boys and Girls Club. By utilizing the clubs, UToledo students are able to work with children from their practicum schools in a social, non-academic context. Students are expected to volunteer 20 hours per semester, excluding the student teaching semester.

Additionally, the BPS initiative is providing JHCOE students the opportunity to engage fully in rich urban school settings with master teachers; helping them to develop skills and dispositions to be successful in these settings upon graduation. The goal is for the UToledo students to be able to step into schools, like Toledo Public, and meet the social, emotional and academic needs of children immediately. Additional student support is provided by two graduate students, Cassidy Boyden and Karen Krepps, who visit placement schools and complete observations of the UToledo students to provide support and insights into working with kids in urban schools, as well as any issues (assessment, behavior, etc.) they may be encountering.


Brady Partnership Schools faculty and students.

Front row (left to right): Kamille Berry, Amanda Hayes, Allie Ralph
Back row (left to right) Ruslan Slutsky, Stephanie Bloom, Kayla Spencer, Dena Deeb, Celleste Brazeau, Stephanie Hunt, Kate Delaney.


Below are statements from BPS students regarding the impact the program has had on them as current students and future teachers:


The Brady Partnership Schools project has changed my outlook on education in many ways throughout my placements in the Toledo Public School District. It has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about my placement school, my students, and especially myself. There are so many opportunities given in this program, whether that be peer and faculty support, informational meetings, or cooperating teachers selected just for me. I look forward to continuing my journey through teaching and education with the Brady Partnership Project. (Amanda Hayes, BPS student)


The Brady Partnership Schools has been such an amazing experience. I have been able to learn so much about myself not only as a teacher but a person. I have been given the opportunity to learn many things other teachers do not get the chance to learn. While being in this program I have met so many remarkable people. Being supported by all those around you and learning from one another’s experiences is by far the best aspect. (Dena Deeb, BPS student)


Being a part of the Brady Partnership Schools has been a very positive experience for me so far. This is my first semester being involved, but I appreciate the extra support we get in the group. Having the opportunity to talk with professors and students from other cohorts has given me different perspectives on teaching, and has helped me while I try to work with the children in my placement. (Allie Ralph, BPS student)


Being a part of the Brady Partnership Schools program has helped me in many ways. It is has provided me with great resources and a group of peers who I can share and gain ideas from on how to improve my teaching skills in an urban setting. It has also given me the opportunity to learn more about the students I interact with through volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. Through this program I have been able to refine my teaching skills and have learned ways on how to best connect with my students. (Stephanie Bloom, BPS student)



December Graduates – Congratulations!

We celebrated over 120 education candidates for degrees during our fall commencement on Dec. 14, 2019. We are proud of each and every one of them, and look forward to see how they shape the future.

The class of 2019 students graduated with degrees across bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Congratulations to the graduates from the Judith Herb College of Education, including:

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction

Norah Aldujayn
Saeed Alzahrani
Anita Easterly
Christopher Hamady
Karen Krepps
Robin Miller
Meredith Reinhart
Willamarie Scott
Jie Yang

Doctor of Philosophy in Foundations of Education

Susan Hany
Colins Imoh
Lance Kruse
Carla Pattin
Michael Peeters
Regina Rothshtein

Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education

Shawna Forbes Henry
David Rembiesa
Kirsten Winek

Education Specialist

Jennifer Fleck
Celeste Alvarado
Katherine Walsh
Andrea Schooley


Master of Education: Art Education

Kelsey Felgner

Master of Education: Career and Technical Education

Drew Grover
Jody Tackett

Master of Education: Curriculum and Instruction

Allison Ahrns
Almaha Alruwaili
Saeed Alzhrani
Stacy Bell
Yvonne Colbert
Kara Henck
Kimberly Kurtz
Thomas Patterson
Sarah Preston
Lauren Wallace
Paul Woityna

Master of Education: Early Childhood

Kristel Wheeler
Kaitlin Zimmerman

Master of Education: Educational Technology

Anthony Graham
Jacquelyn Wilkinson

Master of Education: Higher Education

Kayann Carlson
Kristen Hooper

Master of Education: Middle Childhood

Robert Chenevert
Rebecca Cook
Emily Graff
Amanda Sheets

Master of Education: Secondary Education

Julia Boehler
Bethany Borton
Clay Giesige
Kaylie Hallett-Symanski
Kathleen McGee
Alison Mejias Santoro
Amanda Menechella
Elizabeth Russell
Byron Swarts
Brian Trogus

Master of Education: Special Education

Elizabeth Bergstedt
Tyler Bitz
Elizabeth Booth
Amber DeWeerdt
Margaret Enck
Brittany Hall
Jacqueline Hand
Ashleigh Herring
Sara Hollar
Emily Ialacci
Toinette Knighten
Alyssa Maldonado
Taylor Mansfield
Allison Nickolite
Elizabeth Niese
Casey Reed
Barbara Rice
Shauna Robison


Bachelor of Education: AYA

Chad Maseman
Derek Rodenhauser

Bachelor of Education: Early Childhood Education

Alyssa Augsburger
Samantha Blausey
Brianna Elwartoski
Haley Gerlica
Stephanie Goans
Haley Gozdowski
Danielle Hafner
Kayla Jennison Justice
Alexandri Lane
Rachel Lewandowski
Jullianna Ruiz
Haley Sendelbach
Amy Silvestri
Jenna Soleth
Kiersten Spohn
Alicia Underwood
Lillian Widner

Bachelor of Education: Middle Childhood

Amanda Guidos

Bachelor of Education: Multi-Age Education

Kathryn Beland
Eireann Garcia
Theresa Hornik
Jordyn Martinez
Emily Mattert
Ashley Road

Bachelor of Education: Special Education

Julianne Bekker
Megan Gorman
Mackenzie Riggs


Needed:  Field Supervisors   (particular need for elementary education)

We are looking to increase our pool of supervisors for our teacher candidates. Do you know someone who could be a good mentor for young teachers?

Supervisors play an important role in the development of the next generation of educators. By making classroom visits to observe student teachers, supervisors have a great opportunity to support, guide, and assist future teachers.


  • Minimum three years teaching experience
  • Master’s degree in field
  • Minimum technology skills

Benefits of being a supervisor:

  • Staying connected to the field of education
  • Flexible schedule
  • Stipend and mileage reimbursement

For additional information, contact:
Melissa Stewart, Coordinator of Student Field Experiences

HIRING: Part-time Instructors


The Judith Herb College of Education often needs to hire part-time instructors to teach courses.  Many times these course assists UToledo students in becoming licensed educators.  Come, share your expertise with the next generation of educators!


  • Master’s degree in field or verified exceptional expertise
  • Experience teaching, desired

Current areas of need:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Technology
  • American Sign Language ASL

Part-time instructors are valuable to the mission of the college.  When needed, instructors might teach one to two courses a semester. Depending on the subject, courses maybe on-campus or on-line.

To apply, please send a letter of interest and a copy of your vita/resume to: JHCOEDeansOffice@UToledo.Edu




As a convenience for our students, fastfingerprints will be at the Judith Herb College of Education to process background checks on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

current background check is required to be on file before any field experience begins. Background checks are current for one calendar year.

This is a great opportunity to get your background check completed without having to go to the UT Police or off-campus.

Background checks are required for students who are:

  • taking EDU 1700 Intro to Education
  • taking CIEC 4340 Infant & Toddler
  • completing any professional education-level method/practicum experience


Tuesday December 3, 2019

9:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m.
Student Services – 3100 Gillham Hall

Appointment required. Click Here. 

Registration Form: University of Toledo – Judith Herb College of Education

(bring the completed registration form with you to your scheduled appointment)

Cost:  $72 for BCI & FBI background check

Payable: cash, check, or credit card

Individual student responsible for payment

PROJECT PREPARE – apply now to join grant cohort


Good news for UToledo–we just received an OSEP training grant and have $$ to fund licensed Ohio early childhood educators or K-12 special educators who are interested in earning the Preschool Special Needs Endorsement as well as a graduate certificate in Interprofessional Teaming! Please see below. Classes start January 20, 2020!


Click here for more information and to apply: http://www.utoledo.edu/education/grants/project-prepare/  

Outpacing Trends – Increased Enrollment

For Fall 2019, we have a five year high in undergraduate enrollment within the Judith Herb College of Education.  Across the nation, colleges of education have reported up to a 30% decrease in the number of students who are entering teacher preparation programs. Colleges need, more than ever, to produce well-trained teachers as school districts struggle to fill certain positions. But fewer and fewer people are enrolling in their programs.

The Judith Herb College of Education has over 700 undergraduate students in our program.  This is a 3.7% increase from last Fall, and a five year high for the College. More students are discovering the possibilities of a career in education with the University of Toledo…and we are proud of the educators they will become.