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A new vaccine against rotavirus (kills about 600 children a day) worked well in a large trial in Africa and appears to be a practical way to protect millions of children.

NY Times

  • The vaccine is expected to be as cheap as or cheaper than current alternatives.
  • It can last for months without refrigeration, which makes it far easier to use in remote villages with no electricity
  • It must be approved by the World Health Organization before it can be widely distributed
  • About 215,000 children under 5 die each year of rotavirus, almost half of them in just four countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Tourism vs. Child Protection: A Compilation of Good Practices

15 Years of the UNWTO World Tourism Network on Child Protection: A Compilation of Good Practices

Copyright © 2014, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
15 Years of the UNWTO World Tourism Network on Child Protection: A Compilation of Good Practices
Published by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) First printing: February 2014 All rights reserved.


The Westminster attacker was British-born



22 March 2017

4 people killed

40 injured

  • 12 Britons in hospital
  • 3 French children injured
  • 9 other nationalities affected
  • 8 arrests made

London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Nice: Europe under Terror

LA Times

Northwestern Europe at Night


March 22, 2016: Two blasts ripped through the Brussels airport, turning a busy travel hub in the heart of Europe into a scene of carnage.

NY Times


A “sick and depraved terrorist attack”: 5 dead and 40 injured in London car-knife assault

Chicago Sun Times



The attack unfolded around 2:40 p.m., when the driver of a large vehicle mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, which leads to Parliament, killing 2 and injuring others, before crashing into a railing. After the crash, at least one man left the vehicle and approached Parliament, where he stabbed an armed police officer to death and was fatally shot by the police.

NY Times



Attack in London: Perhaps 4 dead and at least 20 injured outside the Houses of Parliament


  1. A police officer has died after being stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament
  2. Two other people have died and at least 20 others are injured after the attacker drove into them in a car on Westminster Bridge
  3. The alleged assailant was shot and killed by armed police
  4. Footage on social media shows people lying injured in the road
  5. Metropolitan Police say they are treating it as a terrorist incident and buildings are in lockdown

Federal authorities have confirmed that a cyanide trap intended to kill coyotes in eastern Idaho instead killed a dog in an incident that local law enforcement officials say also injured a 14-year-old boy.



“….M-44s are spring-activated devices typically smeared with bait that shoot poison into an animal’s mouth when it tugs on the trap. The federal government uses the devices to control predator populations in an effort to limit losses to livestock operators….”

Two people have died in a Danish outbreak of Salmonella that has infected at least 19 people.

Food Safety News

“….Several of the outbreak victims reported having eaten a commercial frozen, microwaveable dinner consisting of meatloaf, potatoes and sauce….”



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