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A stampede of religious pilgrims in a pedestrian tunnel in Mecca leaves more than 1,400 people dead: 7/2/1990.

History Channel

British prosecutors charged six people on Wednesday, including four former senior police officials, in the deaths of 96 people crushed and trampled to death at Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield in 1989.

NY Times


Several dozen people died in a stampede Sunday morning when a religious celebration in Ethiopia turned into an anti-government protest

Washington Post


Surveillance During EXPO Milan 2015

Event-Based Surveillance During EXPO Milan 2015: Rationale, Tools, Procedures, and Initial Results
Riccardo Flavia, Manso Martina Del, Caporali Maria Grazia, Napoli Christian, Linge Jens P., Mantica Eleonora, Verile Marco, Piatti Alessandra, Pompa Maria Grazia, Vellucci Loredana, Costanzo Virgilio, Bastiampillai Anan Judina, Gabrielli Eugenia, Gramegna Maria, Declich Silvia, and ; and the Regional Focal Points for EBS Surveillance Work Group. Health Security. June 2016, 14(3): 161-172. doi:10.1089/hs.2015.0075.

Published in Health Security; Volume: 14 Issue 3: June 17, 2016

“More than 21 million participants attended EXPO Milan from May to October 2015, making it one of the largest protracted mass gathering events in Europe. Given the expected national and international population movement and health security issues associated with this event, Italy fully implemented, for the first time, an event-based surveillance (EBS) system focusing on naturally occurring infectious diseases and the monitoring of biological agents with potential for intentional release. …..”

Surveillance Strategies for Super Bowl XLIX

Public Health Surveillance Strategies for Mass Gatherings: Super Bowl XLIX and Related Events, Maricopa County, Arizona, 2015
Ayala Aurimar, Berisha Vjollca, Goodin Kate, Pogreba-Brown Kristen, Levy Craig, McKinney Benita, Koski Lia, and Imholte Sara. Health Security. June 2016, 14(3): 173-184. doi:10.1089/hs.2016.0029.

“…..Surveillance strategies implemented from January 22 to February 6, 2015, included enhanced surveillance alerts; animal disease surveillance; review of NFL clinic visits; syndromic surveillance for emergency room visits, urgent care facilities, and hotels; real-time onsite syndromic surveillance; all-hazards mortality surveillance; emergency medical services surveillance, review of poison control center reports; media surveillance; and aberration detection algorithms for notifiable diseases. ……”

The 1989 Hillsborough Disaster: An inquests jury find the 96 soccer fans were unlawfully killed.


:….Jurors found police failures before and during the 1989 FA Cup semi-final led to the fatal crush…..”





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