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2018’s monsoon season has brought crippling floods to many parts of SE Asia and in some cases, poor dam construction, deforestation and a lack of emergency preparations have worsened the effects.

NY Times

Dam collapse in Laos: Several dead and hundreds missing

Extreme weather is striking parts of Asia with deadly flash-flooding in Vietnam, a tropical storm prompting evacuations and disrupting travel in China and an ongoing heat wave in Japan.


NASA: Severe Rainfall and Flooding in Japan

Severe Rainfall and Flooding in Japan

After being soaked in just a few days with double the amount of rain that falls in a normal July, parts of Japan are facing their worst flooding disaster in 35 years. Storms and flooding caused deadly landslides and numerous fatalities, while leading millions of people to evacuate their homes and businesses. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for 73,000 nationwide rescue workers to provide emergency assistance as forecasts predict additional landslides and rain this week.

Japanese rains: The Japanese government says at least 100 people have died or are presumed dead.



Torrential rains hammer parts of Japan for a third day on Sunday

The Guardian

  • At least 76 dead;
  • Evacuation orders or advisories were issued for 4.72 million people
  • ~48,000 members of the self-defense forces, police and firefighters were mobilized to search for trapped or injured people or to recover bodies;


5/31/1889: The South Fork Dam collapses, causing a flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that kills more than 2,200 people.

History Channel



Flash floods in Maryland: No injuries/fatalities reported

Kenya: The Patel dam bursts after heavy rain, killing at least 27 and rendering 200 homeless.


10 victims, 9 girls and 1 boy (ages around 18 years old), were killed when they were swept away by flash floods during a hike near the Dead Sea.




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