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The most serious of a series of earthquakes emanating from the New Madrid Fault strikes the center of America on 2/7/1812


2/5/1783: In southern Italy, 80,000 people died in the estimated 7.5-8M earthquake and tsunami of 1783


2/4/1976: A 7.5-magnitude earthquake levels much of Guatemala City, killing 23,000 people and leaving one million others homeless.


1/24/1939: An 8.3-magnitude earthquake centered in south central Chile leaves 50,000 people dead and 60,000 injured.



1/23/1556: An earthquake in Shaanxi, China, kills an estimated 830,000 people.


“……the quake struck in the middle of a densely populated area with poorly constructed buildings and homes, resulting in a horrific death toll…….”


M 6.7 – 15km SSW of Coquimbo, Chile 2019-01-20 01:32:51 (UTC)

DYFI intensity map

Estimated Fatalities Histogram

Estimated Economic Losses Histogram

Population Exposure Map

12/16/1920: The 8.5M Gansu (Haiyuan) earthquake impacted an area of some 25,000 square miles, including 10 major population centers resulting in the deaths of some 200 000 people.


12/7/1988: Two earthquakes hit Armenia on this day in 1988, killing 60,000 people and destroying nearly half a million buildings.


Locator Map for Armenia

M 7.5 – 168km ESE of Tadine, New Caledonia

DYFI intensity map


“……There have been no reports of injuries or damage in the French overseas territory, officials say.

Earlier, residents had been urged to go to shelters, following the 7.5 magnitude quake close to New Caledonia…..”

ANCHORAGE & the M7 earthquake: It could have been worse


“……Developers must undergo rigorous requirements before building here, he added, particularly in some of the most seismically sensitive areas. Professor Yang is part of an earthquake commission that advises city leaders, whom he credited with taking the building review process seriously.

Although the extent of the damage is still being assessed, building by building and road by road, the city on Saturday had already begun to return to normal……”



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