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India: Uttar Pradesh is among those states that have banned the slaughter of cows and as a result, the state has a serious problem with elderly cattle that no longer yield milk being set free by farmers who cannot afford to feed them.


A $350 toilet powered by worms

Business Insider

“….The toilets involve no traditional flushing and aren’t hooked up to a sewer system. Instead, the worms are contained in a container below the toilet, and they feast on feces. The creatures’ activity leaves behind a mix of water, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of wormy compost…..”

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1/1/1977: An Air India Boeing 747 jet crashes into the sea just after takeoff from Chatrapati Airport in Mumbai killing all 213 people on board.



One list of global problems that couldn’t be conquered in 2018. Wait till next year!



YEMEN:  “……the starvation deaths of an estimated 85,000 children, and a 2-wave outbreak that led to more than 1 million cases of cholera.




TUBERCULOSIS:  “…..TB kills more than any other infectious disease—1.6 million by the WHO’s count….”

NONCOMMUNICABLE DISEASES:  “….As 2018 draws to a close, so have the lives of 41 million people claimed this year by noncommunicable diseases…..”






USGS: Storm Surge

The USGS, Coastal Storm Response (CSR) Team will coordinate USGS response to meteorological events likely to result in major coastal flooding, severe wind damage and erosion, ecosystem distress, or threats to life, property, and ecosystems over a wide area. Typical events are hurricanes, tropical storms, and northeasters. As these events move inland, coordination responsibilities transition to the Flood Response (FR) Team.


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said they expect Venezuela’s inflation rate to hit 1,000,000% this year.


20,000 pallets of bottled water left untouched in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico


“…..The emergency supplies were brought in by FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which smashed the island and left its residents without power, without roofs and without running water.

Federal officials commandeered the area in the far east of the island last fall as a staging ground, collecting the water and containers full of tarps to patch damaged and destroyed roofs in surrounding neighborhoods.
And there the supplies sat. And sat…..”

“A suicide bomber detonated his explosives during a wrestling match in the Afghan capital on Wednesday, and as emergency medical workers and journalists rushed to the scene, a second, much larger explosion went off, killing at least 20 people in total…The two bombings injured at least 70…”



Colorado River mishap with 10 injured and 4 missing


National Interagency Coordination Center Incident Management Situation Report Thursday, August 9, 2018 – 0530 MT


National Preparedness Level 5

National Fire Activity Initial Attack Activity: Light (122 fires)

New large incidents: 5

Large fires contained: 9

Uncontained large fires:** 56

Area Command teams committed: 0

NIMOs committed: 0

Type 1 IMTs committed: 12

Type 2 IMTs committed: 16

Nationally, there are 51 large fires being managed under a strategy other than full suppression.

**Uncontained large fires include only fires being managed under a full suppression strategy. Link to Geographic Area daily reports.

One hundred thirty-eight fireline management personnel from Australia and New Zealand are assigned to support large fires in the California and Northwest Areas.
Two MAFFS C-130 airtankers and support personnel from the 152nd Airlift Wing (Nevada Air National Guard), one from the 146th Airlift Wing (California Air National Guard) and one from the 302nd Airlift Wing (Colorado Springs, Air Force Reserve) have been deployed to McClellan Airfield, CA in support of wildland fire operations.

One RC-26 aircraft with Distributed Real-Time Infrared (DRTI) capability and support personnel from the 141st Air Refueling Wing (Washington Air National Guard) has been deployed to Spokane, WA in support of wildland fire operations in the West.


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