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The Mountain Fire has burned about 7,200 acres in the national forest northeast of Phoenix


5/22/1967: A fire at the L’Innovation department store in Brussels, Belgium, killing 323.



5/17/1994: A fire in an overcrowded Honduras prison kills 103 people


“……The fire started in one of two small refrigerators located in the cell block at about 1:30 a.m…….. Guards reported that they had to fire their guns in the air in order to keep the prisoners from attacking the firefighters and escaping. Inmates claimed that the guards were preventing the prisoners from fleeing the fire. ….”

5/13/1972: A fire breaks out at the Playtown Cabaret in Osaka, Japan, killing 118.


4/18/1906: At 5:13 a.m., an earthquake estimated at close to 8.0 on the Richter scale strikes San Francisco, California, and killed an estimated 3,000 people, destroyed some 30 000 buildings and created 20 000 refugees



Notre dame: After the fire

Six months after the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history, the town of Paradise remains a disaster zone.


“…..Before the wildfire, the population of Paradise was about 26,000. Today, it’s in the hundreds……The deadly fire may also have contaminated up to 173 miles of pipeline in the town’s water system with cancer-causing benzene and other volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. …..”

Texas City, Texas, 4/16/1947: Nearly 600 people lost their lives and thousands were injured when the fertilizer-laden Grandcamp exploded


Notre Dame in flames

Durham, North Carolina: One person has been killed and at least 15 are injured after an explosion and massive fire consumes a building downtown




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