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Colorado wildfires

Wildfires and wineries: California

10/18/20: “Blazes roaring through Colorado and Utah have pushed people from their homes…”

One on One: The Oregon Fires

THE California Wildfires

The California Wildfires


Lake Fire in California

Climate change & wildfires

Wildfires are getting worse, and so is the deadly smoke they bring with them

Climate change is increasing the size, frequency, intensity and seasonality of wildfires. Climate scientists have already identified the telltale climate fingerprints on some of the biggest blazes of the past decade:
• Climate change has already increased the frequency of fire weather — hot, dry, and windy — in much of the U.S. (Abatzoglou, Williams, and Barbero 2018).
• Climate change has doubled the area burned in the Western United States (Abatzoglou and Williams 2016).
• The fire season has increased by more than two months in the Western United States, largely due to climate change (Westerling et al. 2006).
All fire needs to burn is an ignition source and plenty of fuel. While climate change might not ignite the fire, it is giving fires the chance to turn into catastrophic blazes by creating warmer temperatures, increasing the amount of fuel (dried vegetation) available, and reducing water availability by earlier snowmelt and higher evaporation. These infernos have dire consequences – from respiratory illness to loss of life and property, many communities are not equipped to deal with this new era of mega fires.

United States Monthly Drought Outlook

North America Fire Danger

Current US Wildfires


Current Wildfires
Fire Unit Agency Size % Ctn Location Information
Arizona Fires: 2 Acres: 16,800 New: 0 Contained: 0
Ikes Grand Canyon National Park NPS 16,400 80 60 miles southwest of Paige 928-643-8110
Molino Coronado National Forest FS 400 50 6 miles northeast of Tanque Verde 602-730-6144
California Fires: 6 Acres: 90,526 New: 0 Contained: 0
Burris Mendocino Unit, Cal Fire ST 350 75 4 miles south of Potter Valley
Caples Eldorado National Forest FS 3,435 92 18 miles southwest of South Lake Tahoe 530 622-5061
Getty Los Angeles City Fire Department CNTY/Local 656 15 1 miles south of West Lake Village
Kincade Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit, Cal Fire FS 76,138 15 10 miles northeast of Geyserville 707-967-4207
Tick Los Angeles County Fire Department CNTY/Local 4,615 90 10 miles northeast of Santa Clarita
South Shasta-Trinity National Forest FS 5,332 75 15 miles south of Platina 530-628-0039
Colorado Fires: 4 Acres: 4,997 New: 1 Contained: 0
Cow Creek Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison NF FS 859 20 9 miles east of Ridgeway 970-589-0842
G18 Conejos County CNTY/Local 2,183 80 4 miles east of Antonito
Granite Lake White River National Forest FS 720 2 13 miles southeast of Meredith 970-963-2266
Middle Mamm White River National Forest FS 1,235 42 11 miles south of Rifle 970-930-1548
Texas Fires: 0 Acres: 0 New: 0 Contained: 1
Switchhouse Texas A&M Forest Service FS 400 95 9 miles northeast of Archer City
Utah Fires: 2 Acres: 703 New: 0 Contained: 0
Skull Flat 2 Fishlake National Forest FS 600 0 7 miles east of Beaver
Swasey Peak Richfield Field Office BLM 103 0 1 mile southeast of Mesa
Washington Fires: 0 Acres: 0 New: 1 Contained: 1
* Milepost 20 Spokane District BLM 800 100


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