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Notre dame: After the fire

Bangladesh: The government could assume responsibility for safety in workplaces producing clothing for major western brands this week despite demonstrating a “shocking level of unreadiness” to do so.

The Guardian

“…..Not a single garment factory under the government’s control has completely eliminated all the “high-risk” safety hazards in their buildings, according to the report. Outstanding issues include buildings with lockable emergency exits, a danger that is required to be fixed within two weeks of being identified…….

In addition, more than 50 factories identified by the accord as too dangerous to continue making clothing were found to still be operating under the government’s inspection programme….”

Nigeria: A three-story building housing apartments and a primary and nursery school collapses with at least 8 dead and many more missing


Lights go out on Venezuela



Guess who owns the bridge that collapsed in Genoa and killed 43 people? Benetton: the Italian family famous for wool sweaters and a global clothing..


“……The calamity in Genoa is now the subject of a criminal inquiry, with 21 people under investigation, including nine employees of Autostrade and three officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The authorities are sorting through years of email exchanges and documents, plus the contents of a few dozen mobile phones, to try to determine who is to blame.….”

The moment the dam burst!

1/22/1922: Accumulated snow on the Knickerbocker’s roof collapsed the building and tons of steel and concrete fell down on top of the theatergoers killing 108 and hospitalizing another 133.




Brazilian Dam Collapse: 34 dead and another 300 missing

Brazil: A mining dam burst on Friday, killing at least seven and leaving 200 people missing.


1/20/1980: Bleachers at a bullring in Sincelejo, Colombia, collapse, resulting in 222 deaths




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