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Ohio History Connection: History + Public Health, Reflecting on One Year of COVID-19


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Join us as our expert panelists reflect on one year of managing and responding to the impact of COVID-19. We’ll discuss the history of past pandemics and how that informs the development of treatment and vaccines, the importance of a science-based approach and the work ongoing to continue to manage the pandemic and overcome disparities between populations and communities as the vaccines are rolled out.

Dr. Mysheika W. Roberts, MD, MPH, Health Commissioner, Columbus Public Health

Dr. Paul Rega, MD, FACEP, Assistant Professor, Director of EM Simulation Education, UTMC Medical Advisor for Disaster Preparedness, School of Population Health

Dr. Frederic Bertley, Ph. D., President and CEO, COSI

History and Public Health during the Pandemic from the Ohio Historical Connection

March 11, 2011: The largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan causes massive devastation, and the ensuing tsunami decimates Tōhoku region and the natural disaster also a creates a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant

June 21, 2019: Explosion and fire at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) Refinery in Philadelphia with release of 5000 pounds of HF


A hydrogen fluoride release during PES fire could have been disastrous. Some say the toxic chemical shouldn’t be used


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