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Congenitally acquired Chagas disease reported in Canada

Pierre J. Plourde, Kamran Kadkhoda and Momar Ndao
* * “…..3 adults with polymerase chain reaction-positive, indeterminate Chagas disease acquired their infection congenitally, as they were born in Canada, spent small periods of time in an endemic area (fewer than 3 months cumulatively) and were born to a mother who was parasitemic and never treated for Chagas disease. ….”
**  “…..Given the substantial numbers of Latin American immigrants from endemic countries, there are likely thousands of undiagnosed, chronically infected persons with Chagas disease in Canada, with only a small minority discovered via blood donation. …….”
1. Fearon MA, Scalia V, Huang M, et al. A case of vertical transmission of Chagas disease contracted via blood transfusion in Canada. Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol 2013;24:32-4.
2. Mongeau-Martin G, Ndao M, Libman M, et al. A family cluster of Chagas disease detected through selective screening of blood: a case report and brief review. Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol 2015;26:157-61.
3. Schmunis GA, Yadon ZE. Chagas disease: A Latin American health problem becoming a world health problem. Acta Trop 20

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