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Mayor of Palermo, Italy pushes through the first four applications by migrants seeking residency under their humanitarian status.


“…..By signing their applications, Mr. Orlando hopes to invite a legal challenge by the government that he can take all the way to Italy’s highest court. He intends to argue that Mr. Salvini’s measures are unconstitutional and violate the migrants’ human rights.

“I cannot accept that you produce criminality,” Mr. Orlando said in an interview last month…..

Many liberal mayors across the country, from Naples to Florence to Milan, applauded Mr. Orlando’s intention to defy the government……”


“……Mr. Salvini refused to offer a safe port to the Sea Watch 3, a vessel that had rescued 47 migrants from the Mediterranean Sea. For nearly two weeks, the ship was adrift as Mr. Salvini spoke of forming a “naval blockade” to seal off the country.

The standoff ended on Thursday, only after European neighbors agreed to take in the majority of the migrants….”

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