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M6.1 – 2km NNW of Visso, Italy

ShakeMap Intensity image

Estimated Fatalities


Estimated Economic Losses

Structure Information Summary

Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are a mix of vulnerable and earthquake resistant construction. The predominant vulnerable building types are unreinforced brick with mud and mid-rise nonductile concrete frame with infill construction.

Secondary Effects

Recent earthquakes in this area have caused secondary hazards such as landslides that might have contributed to losses.

Selected Cities Exposed

MMI City Pop.
VIII Visso 1 k
VIII Valle e Castello <1 k
VIII Fluminata <1 k
VIII Preci <1 k
VIII Castelsantangelo sul Nera <1 k
VIII Sellano 1 k
VI Perugia 149 k
V Firenze 372 k
V Bologna 371 k
IV Napoli 989 k
IV Roma 2,563 k

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