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Monoclonal antibody infusion center in San Diego and with NDMS

NDMS: The nation’s medical tactical response team in times of disaster


DMAT: Disaster Medical Assistance Team which is a fully functioning field hospital that can handle everything from minor injuries to bruises and broken bones. The team travels with a host of medical professionals and gear.

DMORT: Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team which can handle mass-casualty situations. Once they set up, they handle the identification of remains by using scientific techniques as well as collecting information about the deceased from family members.



NVRT: National Veterinary Response Team is a team of veterinary professionals to care for both the working and victims animals in an affected area.

IRCT: Incident Response Coordination Team is deployed to keep track of and coordinate the multifaceted response.

IMSURT: International Medical Surgical Response Team essentially sends the operating room to the field — sort of a M.A.S.H. unit for disasters — to handle major trauma.

USPHS: U.S. Public Health Service will also send trained medical professionals to assist for one-stop manpower shopping.



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