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An enormous blaze broke out at a fully occupied hotel in central New Delhi on Tuesday morning, killing at least 17


2/7/1904: The Great Baltimore Fire begins


“…..When the blaze finally burned down after 31 hours, an 80-block area of the downtown area had been destroyed and more than 1,500 buildings were completely leveled….”

Fire engulfs an apartment block in Paris, killing at least 8 and injuring 36; thought to be arson


1/27/2002: Explosions at a military depot in Lagos, Nigeria, trigger a stampede of fleeing people, during which more than 1,000 people are killed.


Pipeline explosion: 73 dead so far (‘People’s skin came off’)

Mexico: A gas pipeline in Hidalgo exploded on Friday night, killing at least 21



Paris: A gas leak had been reported in the Hubert bakery and firefighters had been on their way to deal with it when the explosion occurred and injured at least 20.


12/30/1903, the deadliest theater fire in U.S. history: A fire in the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, Illinois, kills more than 600 people.


12/17/1961: A fire at a circus in Brazil kills more than 300 people and severely burns hundreds more.


12/8/1881: A fire at the Ring Theater in Vienna, Austria, kills at least 620 people and injures hundreds more


  • The theater’s iron fire curtain was not lowered
  • Available water hoses were not used immediately.
  • The stage managers panicked and shut off the gas totally, cutting off light in the theater.
  • The balconies became clogged as the exits jammed.
  • A fire brigade brought ladders, but they were too short to reach even the first balcony.
  • Some people jumped from the balconies, not only killing themselves but also crushing people on the ground floor.


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