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Seventeen volunteers in the Netherlands have agreed to host parasitic worms in their bodies for 12 weeks in order to help advance research toward a vaccine for schistosomiasis

NY Times

Schistosomiasis lifecycle


Six million Egyptians were infected with hepatitis C by unsterile needles during the country’s decades-long fight against schistosomiasis.

NY Times

**   “…, at least 10 percent of Egyptians, nearly nine million people, are chronically infected, the highest rate in the world….

**  “….Mr. Ellabbad…was finally cured of hepatitis this spring. An air-conditioning repairman, he took a three-month regimen that included sofosbuvir, first of the new generation of miracle drugs. The pills would have cost more than $84,000 in the United States.  He got them free from the Egyptian government, which paid about $900…..”

Pyramids at Giza, Egypt



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