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Spain accepts Mediterranean refugees that Italy’s new government rejected,

NY Times


Italy & Refugees: A ship carrying more than 600 rescued migrants (123 unaccompanied minors and seven pregnant women) is stranded in the Mediterranean after Italy’s new populist government refused permission for it to dock.



Escaping from Disaster: Venezuelans overwhelms northern Brazil as the humanitarian crisis deepens

NY Times

“…..During the early months of this year, 5,000 Venezuelans were leaving their homeland each day, according to the United Nations. At that rate, more Venezuelans are leaving home each month than the 125,000 Cuban exiles who fled their homes during the 1980 Mariel boat crisis and transformed South Florida.

If the current rate remains steady, more than 1.8 million Venezuelans could leave by the end of this year, joining the estimated 1.5 million who have fled the economic crisis to rebuild their lives abroad……”


Central American collective migration has become something of an annual event around Easter week

NY Times

“……The migrants, most of them Hondurans, left the southern Mexican border city of Tapachula on March 25 and for days traveled north en masse — by foot, hitchhiking and on the tops of trains — as they fled violence and poverty in their homelands and sought a better life elsewhere.….”



The Greek island of Lesbos: Migration crisis

NY Times

“…..Some 5,500 people are detained in Moria, about 2,500 more than the camp was designed to hold……..

Rain soaks through the tents, and there is a lack of electricity and hot water in the showers, even in winter. The public toilets and showers are soiled with feces. As bad as the food is, it often runs out. The lines — for everything — are endless. Fights break out constantly. Violence, theft and rape are constant threats……”


Monsoon season: The world’s largest refugee camp, a temporary home to more than half a million Rohingyas that sprawls precariously across barren hills in southeastern Bangladesh may soon face landslides, flash floods, & inundation.

NY Times

About 90 people drowned this month when a boat smuggling migrants from Libya to Italy capsized and a majority appear to have been from Pakistan.

NY Times

“…..With legal options for migrant workers shrinking, the Libyan route to Europe has become popular. According to the International Organization for Migration, in January about 240 Pakistanis crossed into Italy from Libya, making them the third largest nationality represented. By comparison, only nine were reported in January 2017…….”


E.U.’s Migrant Crisis Reaches Brussels

NY Times

“…..Seeing unauthorized migration rise in Brussels last summer, the Belgian government ordered a series of heavy-handed raids on informal camps and homeless shelters. Those raids — along with falling temperatures — have largely succeeded in breaking up camps in public parks, and received wide popular support.

Even so, hundreds of Belgian families have reacted by inviting migrants into their homes. (Last month, the government proposed police raids on the houses of citizens suspected of sheltering unauthorized migrants.) Medical charities are providing food, clothes and assistance, and volunteers have set up shelters like the one where Mr. Khater sleeps, in a former office building. The total cost of sheltering one migrant is about 10 euros per night, organizers estimate…..”


Doctors Without Borders: ~10,000 homeless migrants in Italy are living in makeshift settlements, occupying abandoned buildings or out in the open while their asylum bids are being processed.

NY Times

Figures at a glance


90 migrants feared drowned off Libyan coast


UN Migration Agency




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