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Greek refugee camps: “There is a desperate lack of medical care and sanitation in the vastly overcrowded camps……”


Thousands of people from Vietnam are smuggled to Europe every year on a route filled with violence and hardship.


“Vietnamese smugglers call it the “CO2” route: a poorly ventilated, oxygen-deficient trip across the English Channel in shipping containers or trailers piled high with pallets of merchandise, the last leg of a perilous, 6,000-mile trek across Asia and into Western Europe.

Compared to the other path — the “V.I.P. route,” with its brief hotel stay and seat in a truck driver’s cab — the trip in a stuffy container can be brutal for what some Vietnamese refer to as “box people,” successors to the “boat people” who left after the Vietnam War ended in 1975…..”

Extreme weather events displaced a record 7,000,000 people from their homes during the first six months of this year


“…..floods, landslides, cyclones and other extreme weather events temporarily displaced more people in the first half of this year than during the same period in any other year...….”

IDMC’s mid-year figures reveal the most significant new internal displacements associated with conflict, violence and disasters around the world between January and June 2019. The report serves as an important temperature gauge of global displacement halfway through the year, looking ahead to the trends and patterns expected in the months to come.

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Myanmar and Bangladesh are to make a fresh attempt to begin repatriating the Rohingya Muslims


‘…..A document prepared by UN agency UNHCR to be sent to the Rohingya community to inform them of the repatriation plan said: “The Government of Myanmar has confirmed that 3,450 Rohingya refugees are eligible to return. This is a welcome first step as it acknowledges that your right to return is recognized.”……’

1,300 or more children of European fighters and followers of the self-professed caliphate remain trapped in Syria and Iraq. What to do?


“….The issue is politically charged across Europe. ISIS survivors, even children, are seen as a threat, no matter how reformed they appear……”

Refugees and migrants coming to Europe


At least 115 people are missing, feared drowned, after a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of Libya


Migration Map into Europe -ERCC


A record 70.8 million people had been forcibly displaced by war, persecution and other violence worldwide at the end of 2018



Migrants hijack the ship that rescued them when the captain made clear that he would return them to Libya


“………A recent crackdown on crossings from Libya has led to a backlog of would-be migrants. Thousands of migrants remain in Libyan government-run detention centers, and nightmare accounts of forced labor, exploitation and inhumane conditions at the hands of the men they paid to deliver them across the Mediterranean have emerged…..”


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