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January 13,1982: On a wintry day, an Air Florida Boeing 727 plunges into the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., killing 78 people.

Plane skids off runway in Turkey: Dead and injured

1/28/1986: The Challenger explosion and the sacrifice of our heroes

A vintage Boeing B-17 crashed at the end of a runway while attempting to land at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut resulting in injuries and fatalities



9/25/1978: A Pacific Southwest Airlines jet collides in mid-air with a small Cessna over San Diego, killing 153 people


“…….The planes nose-dived straight into San Diego’s North Park neighborhood, destroying 22 homes and killing seven people on the ground. All 144 people on the 727 were killed, as well as both of the Cessna’s pilots……..”

9/1/1983: Soviet jet fighters intercept a Korean Airlines passenger flight in Russian airspace and shoot the plane down, killing 269 passengers and crewmembers.


August 28, 1988: At the Ramstein Air Base Air Show in Germany, 3 Italian jets collide in mid-air and fall into the crowd killing 69 injuring hundreds more.

“An air show involving military jets at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany turns tragic on August 28, 1988 when three jets collide in mid-air and fall into the crowd. Sixty-nine of the 100,000 spectators died and hundreds more were        injured………”

8/12/1985: A Japan Air Lines Boeing 747SR crashes into Mount Otsuka killing over 500 souls



7/28/1945: In heavy fog, a United States military plane crashes into the Empire State Building, killing 14 people.

7/25/2000: An Air France Concorde jet crashes upon takeoff in Paris on this day in 2000, killing 105 onboard as well as 4 on the ground.



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