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Australia — again — is in the midst of one of its hottest summers on record.


National Radar image


Daily maximum temperature for Australia


Average daily maximum temperature - Annual

Daily rainfall totals for Australia

Polar Vortex: At least 8 deaths associated with the current weather

1/22/1922: Accumulated snow on the Knickerbocker’s roof collapsed the building and tons of steel and concrete fell down on top of the theatergoers killing 108 and hospitalizing another 133.




Powerful Storm to Impact Eastern Third of U.S. this weekend.

National Weather Outlook

Very wet storms will impact California and some surrounding states over the next several days. Heavy rain may cause flash flooding, and mud and debris flows on burn scars. Heavy snow will impact the western mountains, with blizzards in the California mountains.

Pacific Southwest sector loop

40 mph mudslides, floods, blizzards, 6 feet of snow, 110 mph winds: California nightmare


Massive winter storm brings snow, freezing rain, power outages (200 000without power), and at least 9 deaths.


Lebanon hit by Storm Norma on January 6, heavily impacted at least 360 informal refugee settlements and putting 850 others at risk.

Al Jazeera

Weather, weather, weather

National Weather Outlook

Central Great Lakes sector loop

Northeast sector loop

CDC: Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

Drive safe this winter.

 Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready? - A bird character near the back of a vehicle with a water bottle, flash light, ice scraper, jumper cables, cell phone, shovel, first aid kit, and blankets.

Prepare for extremely cold weather every winter—it’s always a possibility. You can avoid many dangerous winter travel problems by planning ahead.

 Be Ready! Winter Weather Infographic

Take Action
  • Avoid dangerous winter travel problems by planning ahead.
  • Have maintenance service on your vehicle as recommended.
  • Check the antifreeze level.
  • Keep the gas tank near full to help avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.

 Automobile in Icy and Snowy Conditions

There are steps you can take in advance for greater wintertime safety in your car.

Have maintenance service on your vehicle as often as the manufacturer recommends. In addition, every fall, do the following:

  • Have the radiator system serviced or check the antifreeze level yourself with an antifreeze tester. Add antifreeze as needed.
  • Replace windshield-wiper fluid with a wintertime mixture.
  • Replace any worn tires, make sure the tires have adequate tread, and check the air pressure in the tires.

During winter, keep the gas tank near full to help avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.


Keep your car fueled and in good working order. Be sure to check the following:

  • Antifreeze
  • Windshield wiper fluid (wintertime mixture)
  • Heater
  • Defroster
  • Brakes
  • Brake fluid
  • Ignition
  • Emergency flashers
  • Exhaust
  • Tires (air pressure and wear)
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Battery
  • Radiator


A massive winter storm brought snow, sleet and freezing rain across a wide swath of the South on Sunday, causing dangerously icy roads, immobilizing snowfalls and power losses to hundreds of thousands of people.

National Weather Outlook

Northeast sector loop



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