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5/28/2010: 7 terrorists wielding guns, grenades and suicide vests stormed into two crowded Ahmadi Muslim mosques and opened fire, killing 94 victims and injuring more than 120.


5/22/2017: An ISIS suicide bomber detonates an explosion at Manchester Arena in England, killing 22 concertgoers and injuring 116 more.


Charting an Ethical Course in Providing care Within Global Areas of Conflict

Ethical Challenges in Humanitarianism during Violent Situations

Reality Makes Our Decisions: Ethical Challenges in Humanitarian Health in Situations of Extreme Violence

Report and recommendations: a collaboration among Center for Public Health and Human Rights, Center for Humanitarian Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health | International Rescue Committee | Syrian American Medical Society


“…….The ethical principles include respect for persons (i.e., respect for human dignity and for individuals’ autonomous choices), beneficence (the promotion of others’ well-being), non-maleficence “do no harm”, and justice (in both fair distribution of resources and fair processes for decision-making). These four principles, can be adapted to the provision of health care to communities, though how the principles are weighed and applied might differ…..”

Wahhabism and the Sri Lankan attacks


“……Birthed in Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism’s stern intolerance denigrates not only those who don’t believe in Islam but other Muslim sects as well.

While Saudi Arabia insists the faith does not call for violence, critics have long blamed the kingdom’s mass export of its austere creed for fueling extremism and terrorism abroad……”


Footage of an alleged Sri Lankan terrorist

Terrorism 3.0


  • Terrorism 1.0 in the modern era was in the 1980s —
    • Red Brigades of Italy,
    • Baader-Meinhof gang of Germany,
    • Sendero Luminoso of Peru
    • the Palestinian Liberation Organization
    • Disconnected and nationally focused by and large.
  • Terrorism 2.0 emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall
    • The rise of radical groups
    • al-Qaeda,
    • Al-Shabab,
    • Boko Haram
    • Regional groups with sporadic international reach.
  • In Terrorism 3.0, we see the Islamic State 
    • A globally dispersed, highly lethal, financially capable, deeply innovative organization. 
    • An internet-based organization
    • Conducts highly sophisticated attacks
    • Establishes cells across the globe.

A “brand-new type of terrorism:” At least 290 people are now known to have died in a coordinated attack on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.



Sri Lanka blocks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and the messaging apps WhatsApp and Viber


luxury hotels and churches across Sri Lanka were bombed with at least 140 dead and about 600 injured.


Here’s the full list of blast sites reported so far:
  • St Anthony’s Shrine, Kochchikade
  • St Sebastian’s Church, Negombo
  • Zion Church, Batticaloa
  • Cinnamon Grand, Colombo
  • Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo
  • The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo
  • Near Dehiwala Zoo in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia
  • A house in Mahawila Gardens, Dematagoda

“…….Christianity is a minority religion in Sri Lanka, accounting for less than 10% of the total population of 21.4 million.

According to census data, 70.2% of Sri Lankans identify as Buddhist, 12% Hindu, 9.7% Muslim, and 7.4% Christian.
It is estimated that 82% of Sri Lankan Christians are Roman Catholic……”

Up to six explosions have been reported at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka as Christians celebrate Easter. Twenty possibly dead and at least 160 wounded



              Locator Map for Sri Lanka

“… least 80 people had been admitted to hospital in the capital, Colombo…….”



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