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Thousands of children and families living in the Rohingya refugee camps and host communities in Cox’s Bazar in south-eastern Bangladesh are at risk from flooding and landslides caused by heavy rainfall


10/9/1963, Italy: A landslide leads to over 2,000 deaths when it causes a sudden and massive wave of water to overwhelm the Diga del Vajont dam.


A Global View of Landslide Susceptibility

A Global View of Landslide Susceptibility

By one estimate, landslides triggered by heavy rain kill roughly 4,600 people each year. Scientists at NASA and elsewhere are trying to find ways to reduce that number.

Dalia Kirschbaum and Thomas Stanley have taken one step in that direction by developing a new map of global landslide susceptibility. The map is part of a broader effort to establish a hazards monitoring system that combines satellite observations of rainfall from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission with an assessment of the underlying susceptibility of terrain.

Steep slopes are the most important factor that make a landscape susceptible to landslides. Other key factors include deforestation, the presence of roads, the strength of bedrock and soils, and the location of faults.



A landslide has comprised the integrity of Lake Tahoma Dam (North Carolina). MANDATORY EVACUATIONS underway



Mozambique: 16 people died last week when heavy rains triggered a landslide in Maputo’s garbage dump

The Guardian


January 18, 1969: The worst weather-related disaster in California in the 20th century.

History Channel



Tons of mud, trees and boulders have swept away homes in Southern California this week and so far 17 people are dead.


“….In addition to the fatalities, at least 17 people are unaccounted for….”


Surging mudslides and floodwaters in and around Freetown, Sierra Leone kills more than 300 and another 600 people are missing

NY Daily News


Chinese Landslide: 15 bodies recovered but more than 100 remain missing.



Xinmo, China: More than 140 people in southwestern China are feared to have been buried under an avalanche of mud and rocks when a hillside collapsed on Saturday

NY Times

  • 40 homes appeared to have been engulfed



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