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Learning about climate change and sustainability will soon be compulsory for all students across Italy


Map of the trend of the Palmer Drought Index from 1900 through 2002.

“…….Starting next school year, schools will be required to dedicate 33 hours per year — almost one hour per school week — to discussing the challenges of climate change,…..”

Climate Changes in the United States


Climate Changes in the United States

You are help until help arrives: FEMA

Audio can be found at: Soundcloud Link


You Are the Help Until Help Arrives

The University of Toledo and the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office team up to provide training for situations of mass violence

CDC: 6 Domains of Preparedness

Active Shootings in Hospitals: Room for improvement


An Analysis of Active Shooters in the Hospital Setting, 2000 – 2015

The Ring of Fire

September is National Preparedness Month

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Attacks on Medical Education across the Globe

Attacks on Medical Education : Document

“…..The aim of this report is to explore an impact of violence on medical education, with its specific components, such as education facilities, teaching hospitals, libraries, professors, medical students and all other directly related components…..”

“….Venezuealan Case Studies:

Threats / intimidation of medical personnel of the Central Hospital of San Cristóbal during protests: During the month of April and May several threats were reported against the personnel of the Central Hospital of San Cristóbal, Táchira state, because the National Guards forbade treating the wounded during social protests, intimidating some doctors who attended these wounded youth, despite the multiple protests that took place in the hospital, this intimidation did not stop.

Tear gas pumps near the Del Valle maternal and child hospital on 04/20/2017: The use of tear gas bombs by the Bolivarian National Police and the Bolivarian National Guard in Longaray and the Intercomunal Avenue of El Valle affected the patients of El Valle Children’s Maternity Hospital. Gases seeped into hospital facilities affecting workers, mothers and newborns17.

Detention of the professor of medical school of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, MD Óscar Noya, on 04/20/2017: Oscar Noya is a doctor and professor at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). He works continuously for the population that lives in the upper Orinoco. Through the Twitter social network it was possible to know that in the afternoon of Thursday, April 20, Dr. Oscar Noya was arrested, when participated in the protest. Moya was helping people affected by tear gas in Santa Monica, Caracas…..”

Sex trafficking in Nepal


“…..12,000 to 15,000 girls each year are trafficked from Nepal across the border where they are sold into Indian brothels and forced to become prostitutes…..UNICEF reports that as many as 7,000 women and girls are trafficked out of Nepal to India every year, and around 200,000 are now working in Indian brothels………”



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