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12 minutes of warning and still people died. Why? Poverty


“……On Sunday afternoon, sirens wailed and cellphones erupted with about 12 minutes of notice that a funnel cloud had dropped from a foreboding Alabama sky and was bound for Beauregard.

In forecasting, double-digit lead time is considered an extraordinary scientific feat, and officials said the warning was issued as soon as there was data available. But in a place with widespread poverty and few places to hide, the urgent forecast could not save everyone who did not have time to find safe shelter. Others simply disregarded the warning…….”

Yesterday’s Tornadoes – AL and GA

FEMA Daily Ops

Current Situation: Multiple tornadoes touched down Sunday afternoon/evening in AL and GA. NWS confirmed an EF-4 tornado in Lee County, AL. Hundreds of homes and multiple public buildings have been damaged and dozens of transportation routes have been impacted in eastern AL and western GA.


  • Food, Water and Shelter
  • • Shelters: (ARC Midnight shelter count, 6:00 a.m. EST) ₒ AL: 2 open w/ 12 occupants ₒ GA: 2 open w/ 17 occupants Health and Medical
  • • Fatalities/Injuries: ₒ AL: 23 confirmed fatalities; approx. 30 people missing (Region IV SPOTREP) ₒ GA: No reported fatalities
  • Energy: Minimal power outages across the impacted area (EAGLE-I, as of 6:45 a.m. EST)*
  • Transportation
  • • AL: Multiple aircraft and hangars damaged at airport in Barbour County; several roads reported impassable in Lee County
  • State and Local Response:
  • • AL EOC at Partial Activation; Governor extended a State of Emergency
  • • Governor requested Expedited Major Disaster Declaration
  • • GA EOC at Partial Activation; Governor declaring a State of Emergency
  • • Damage assessments with state/local officials ongoing
  • FEMA Region IV Response:
  • • RWC at Steady State, continues to monitor
  • • IMAT-1 deployed to AL EOC
  • • IMAT-2 demobilized from GA and is Partially Mission Capable
  • • LNO deployed to AL; LNO demobilized from GA

Tornado Reports for 3/3/2019


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A series of tornadoes ripped through Alabama on Sunday, killing at least 23.


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Tornadoes and damaging gusts criss-cross the Southeast

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Rare tornado touches down near Seattle



12 tornadoes reportedly touched down in central Illinois

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Chicago Tribune

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National Weather Outlook

Tornadoes are becoming a troubling complication post-Florence

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A flurry of tornadoes swept through central Iowa, injuring at least 17 people Thursday


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Severe thunderstorms will develop across the Ohio and Tennessee Valley region into the Mid-South Friday. Very large hail, damaging winds, and a few tornadoes can be expected. Isolated severe storms are possible across the central High Plains.


Dangerous Heat Building in the South; Severe Storms From Plains To MS Valley

Intensifying high pressure is producing dangerous heat and humidity in the south-central U.S. with heat indexes possibly exceeding 110. Triple digit heat will also continue for some western areas. Elsewhere, a front moving through the central U.S. may produce severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall in parts of the Plains and MS Valley through Friday.

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