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Japan’s tsunami warning system

The Verge

“….it took about half an hour for the waves to reach the shoreline. A three-foot tsunami hit the coast of Soma, 185 miles up the coast from Tokyo, a little more than an hour after the temblor, and another 4.6-foot tsunami washed ashore at Sendai, another 40 miles north, an hour later. This was the largest tsunami in that region since the 30-foot tsunami of 2011……

As of 7:39AM local time, there were 150 people at 5 evacuation centers…… Five minor injuries have been reported. The cooling equipment for a reactor at the No. 2 power plant at Fukushima, Fukushima Daini stopped working, but resumed functioning at 7:47AM local time…… (Fukushima Daini is not the plant that caused a nuclear disaster after being damaged by the 2011 quake and tsunami…..”

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