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Myanmar (Burma): Reports by human rights organizations that the military entered Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine State shooting at random, set houses on fire with rocket launchers, and systematically raped girls and women.

NY Times


  • “….More than one million people in Myanmar identify as Rohingya, a predominantly Muslim group living mainly in Rakhine State on the country’s western coast.
  • The Myanmar government says the Rohingya are not a genuine ethnic group but are Bengali migrants whose presence is a legacy of colonial times. In a country where anti-Muslim sentiment is widespread, the Rohingya are often persecuted.
  • Rohingya are denied citizenship, freedom to travel, accesses to education and other benefits in Myanmar.
  • According to human rights groups, the Myanmar military has entered Rohingya villages and shot people at random, razed houses, and systematically raped girls and women. The government denies allegations of genocide.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya live in squalid refugee camps in Bangladesh. The government there denies that Rohingya from Myanmar are ethnic Bengalis and has tried to close its borders to the migrants……”


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