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NYC’s Unified Victim Identification System (UVIS)


Unified Victim Identification System (UVIS) document:  UVIS Information Guide-NYC

“…..In concert with the City’s 311-call center, UVIS enables a centralized communications and data collection processes to support the family assistance center (FAC). This coordinated system is essential to developing an accurate manifest of potential victims – a critical step in victim identification. Most importantly, the coordinated UVIS-311 call center system keeps the lines of communication open to the families, friends and associates of possible victims.  Such a resource is invaluable in the chaos that follows any tragic event…..

UVIS is designed to handle multiple types of scenarios, and can manage up to 156 simultaneous events if needed.  For example a terrorist operation may target different discrete areas of a large city (multiple incidents), as was the case on July 7th 2005 when a series of coordinated bomb blasts hit London’s public transport system during the morning rush hour resulting in more that 121,000 call center reports.

Most importantly, UVIS enables the OCME to meet its primary objectives following a catastrophic incident.  They include:

• Investigate, Recover & Process Decedents in a Dignified and Respectful Manner

• Accurately Determine Cause & Manner of Death

• Perform Accurate & Efficient Identification of Victims

• Provide Families with Factual & Timely Information in a Compassionate Manner

• Conduct Rapid Return of Victims to their Legal Next of Kin ……..”


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