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America’s Survival Food King: 300 calorie, Mylar-packed meals like Savory Stroganoff cost less than $1 and can last for decades, with 90% of nutrients intact.


“…..FEMA was running low on food rations. In the previous four weeks, the agency had supplied millions of meals to the Texans and South Floridians displaced by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Maria had created a third disaster zone with more complex logistics, having knocked out Puerto Rico’s electricity, gutted its roads, and destroyed its markets and ports. Restoring food security on the island could take months. Lee had to procure millions of servings of just-add-water meals to sustain the victims. Could Jackson provide at least 2 million and begin deliveries immediately?….”

  • Mylar pouches of freeze-dried meals such as Savory Stroganoff and Loaded Baked Potato Casserole
  • Designed to remain edible on shelves for a quarter century.

Wise Company

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