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1 measles case in an international traveler returning to NYC in 2013 triggered an outbreak that sickened 58 people, most of them unvaccinated, and cost the city’s health department $395,000.

JAMA Pediatrics

“…..Between March 13, 2013, and June 9, 2013, 58 persons in New York City with a median age of 3 years (range, 0-32 years) were identified as having measles. Among these individuals, 45 (78%) were at least 12 months old and were unvaccinated owing to parental refusal or intentional delay. Only 28 individuals (48%) visited a medical health care professional who suspected measles and reported the case to the DOHMH at the initial clinical suspicion. Many case patients were not immediately placed into airborne isolation, resulting in exposures in 11 health care facilities. In total, 3351 exposed contacts were identified. Total direct costs to the New York City DOHMH were $394 448, and a total of 10 054 hours were consumed responding to and controlling the outbreak.….”

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