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FEMA SitRep on Yutu and US territories: 10/26/18


Safety and Security: • Saipan: 1 confirmed fatality • CNMI Attorney General issued consumer alert on price gouging related to post-storm services

Food, Water, Sheltering: • Establishing 5 points of distribution (PODs) on Saipan to provide water and humanitarian daily rations (HDRs) on October 28 • Shelters/Occupants: o Saipan 12 / 893 (+340), 6 shelters at capacity; Tinian 2 (-1) / 34 (-11); Rota 2 / 79
Health and Medical: • CNMI: Public Health Emergency declared to release resources to respond to disaster • Saipan: the only hospital on the island is operational on generator power with 4 days fuel supply; dialysis center has resumed operations • Tinian: the only medical facility on the island has infrastructure compromised but is operational on generator power with 3 days fuel supply • Rota: Rota Health Center operational on generator power, no reported damaged • HHS deploying 1 LNO, 1 Incident Management Team Logistics Officer, and Health and • Medical Task Force-Oahu

Energy: • CNMI: 100% of customers without electric grid power (19k on Saipan, 1k on Tinian, 1k on Rota) • Saipan: 9 out of 9 power feeders are down; 2 out of 3 power generating plants require drying and testing before bringing back on-line, 1 plant available for service; island is relying on generator power • Tinian: 4 out of 4 power feeders down; power plant compromised, distribution system completely destroyed; island is relying on generators • Rota: 3 out of 3 power feeders are online • Deploying generators to Saipan from DC Guam • CNMI: Commonwealth Utilities Corporation estimates that 21 days of fuel is currently available on the islands; CNMI relies on petroleum products for nearly all energy needs, supplied once a week by tanker through Saipan port, Tinian and Rota by barge.

Communication: • CNMI: Significant damage to cell towers throughout the islands; telecommunications services have only one provider • Saipan: 11 of 11cell towers on generator power, fuel plan is being executed by CNMI • Exchange connection between islands is on generator power with 96 hour capacity • CNMI Public Safety Radio System is online

Transportation: • Ports: Saipan and Tinian remain closed pending assessment; all ports in Rota re-opened • Airports: o Saipan: significant damage, most flights cancelled, humanitarian and military flights only; suitcase tower needed to facilitate air traffic control is operational o Tinian: open with flights scheduled to begin October 27 o Rota: open • Road debris assessment and clearance ongoing on Saipan and Rota; assessment team scheduled to begin work on Tinian on October 27
Hazardous Waste: • Solid Waste facility in Puerto Rico, Saipan open for green waste, metals, and white good disposal • As Gonno facility in Saipan expected to re-open on October 27; Marpi transfer station in Saipan requires removal of lines and power poles before re-opening

State/Local Response • CNMI EOC at Full Activation (24/7), COR I

FEMA HQ/Federal Response • Emergency Declaration FEMA-3408-EM-CNMI approved October 23 • FEMA Region IX RWC at Steady State, continues to monitor o FEMA Region IX IMAT-2 and select ESFs deployed to Saipan o LNOs in Guam, Rota and Saipan • FEMA Region VII IMAT deployed to CNMI • FEMA NRCC Response Operations Cell (ROC) activated (24/7) • FEMA HQ ISB team and MERS assets deployed • HHS: Federal Health Coordinating Officer, DMAT, and IMT deployed • USACE: 249th Engineer BN ‘Prime Power’ deployed.

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