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Mutant polio vaccine viruses: ‘….. cVDPV — which stands for “circulating vaccine-derived polio virus”…..’


“…….But two major obstacles emerged.

First, millions of families around the world have not let their children have the drops because of persistent false rumors that the vaccine is a Western plot to sterilize Muslim girls or do other harm.

Second, in some countries viruses used in the oral vaccine itself have mutated into a form that can be passed on in diapers and sewage, and can paralyze unvaccinated children. That has contributed to fear of the oral vaccine, even though full vaccination is the only protection against such mutant viruses.

Just in the last two months, cases of paralysis caused by mutant vaccine viruses have been reported in the Philippines, Zambia, Togo and Chad. Because paralysis occurs in only about one in every 200 cases of polio, experts assume many more children have been infected………”

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