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7/27/1996: In Atlanta, Georgia, the XXVI Summer Olympiad is disrupted by the explosion of a nail-laden pipe bomb in Centennial Olympic Park killing 2 and wounding over 100




London Bridge attacks (2017): Unseen footage from the scene shown at the end of the 8-week inquest.

The London Bridge attack claimed eight innocent lives in 2017.

“For the first time, the BBC can show footage of the moment unarmed officers and members of the public came face to face with the three London Bridge attackers.

The footage was filmed by Paul Clarke, a member of the public who was at the scene of the attack.

Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba ploughed into pedestrians on the bridge before stabbing people at Borough Market. They killed eight people before they were shot dead by firearms officers.

This video was shown at both the inquest into the victims’ deaths, and the inquest into the attackers’ deaths which concluded that the three attackers were lawfully killed by the police.

The BBC’s Home Affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford reports.”

  • 16 Jul 2019


BBC: Chaos and killings: 10 minutes at London Bridge



7/22/1916: A Preparedness Day parade held in San Francisco to celebrate United States’ entrance into World War I, is disrupted by the explosion of a suitcase bomb, which kills 10 bystanders and wounds 40 more.


Anti-terrorism police in northern Italy have seized an air-to-air missile and other sophisticated weapons during raids on far-right extremist groups.


7/14/2016: In Nice, France, on Bastille Day, a white truck barrels through a pedestrian-filled closed street killing 86, including 10 children, and injuring 304 more.


7/7/2005: Suicide bombs are detonated in three crowded London subways and one bus during the peak of the city’s rush hour killing 56 and wounding approximately 700.


A Taliban car bomb targeting the provincial facility of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency in Ghazni killed at least 12 and wounding up to 90 more



A powerful explosion has rocked downtown Kabul, Afghanistan killing at least 10 and injuring scores more.


5/28/2010: 7 terrorists wielding guns, grenades and suicide vests stormed into two crowded Ahmadi Muslim mosques and opened fire, killing 94 victims and injuring more than 120.


5/22/2017: An ISIS suicide bomber detonates an explosion at Manchester Arena in England, killing 22 concertgoers and injuring 116 more.



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